All owners’ corporations must have a set of rules that covers the control, management and use of the common property for lot owners or tenants in a shared building or property and how to formally lodge a complaint.

The rules for lodging a complaint should confirm :

  • who you lodge your written complaint with - either a grievance committee or the owners corporation

  • that a meeting will be arranged within everyone involved within 14 working days of receiving a written complaint

  • that anyone involved is entitled to appoint another person to act on their behalf

  • everyone involved has the right to take further action if the dispute is not resolved.

Resolving your disputes

In most instances your best option is to discuss your issue and try to sort out the problem in an informal way. If discussions have broken down the next step is to follow the owner’s corporation rules on lodging a complaint.

We can provide a free and confidential dispute resolution service, including advice and conflict coaching to help you resolve your dispute, if all other means have failed.

Your rights and responsibilities

Visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria (External link) (External link) website for further information on your rights and responsibilities in an owner's corporation, or to report a breach of the law.

Contact us

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