Courts and Tribunals

Magistrates Court of Victoria

For explanations on the role of the Magistrates Court, and for contact details of your local Magistrates Court visit (External link).

Neighbourhood Justice Centre

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre in Collingwood is Australia's first community justice centre. It operates as a multi-jurisdictional court, including the Magistrates' Court, Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT).

241 Wellington Street
Collingwood Victoria 3066

Call (03) 9948 8777 (External link)

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

VCAT deals with disputes about goods and services, discrimination, domestic building works, disability services, residential and commercial tenancies and other civil matters. (External link)

Government Services

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV)

Consumer Affairs Victoria protects and promotes the interests of consumers.

Call toll free 1300 55 81 81 (External link)

Environmental Protection Authority of Victoria (EPA)

For guidance on how to deal with noisy neighbours and information about residential noise legislation and residential construction noise.

Call (03) 9695 2722 (External link)

Local Government Victoria

Help Victorians understand more about local councils and their role, as well as links to your local council website.

Call (03) 9651 7026 (External link)

The Ombudsman Victoria

The Victorian Ombudsman can investigate complaints concerning administrative actions taken in Victorian Government departments, public statutory authorities and by officers of municipal councils.

Call (03) 9613 6222; toll free 1800 806 314 (External link)

Victims Support Agency

The Victims Support Agency within the Department of Justice & Regulation represents victims of crime and coordinates a whole-of-government approach to services for victims. It funds statewide services to provide counselling and practical assistance to help victims of violent crime recover from the effects of crime.

Call 1800 819 817 (External link)

Victoria Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) 

The Commission helps people resolve complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment and religious vilification by offering a confidential, free and impartial complaint resolution service.

Call 1300 891 848 (External link)

Legal Advice

Federation of Community Legal Centres

The Federation is the peak body for over 50 Victorian community legal centres (CLCs). CLCs are independent community organisations that provide free legal services to the public.

Call (03) 9652 1500 (External link)

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA)

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) is a state-wide organisation that helps people with their legal problems.

For legal help call 1300 792 387 Monday to Friday, 8.45am to 5.15pm (External link)

Tenants Union of Victoria (TUV)

The Tenants Union of Victoria aims to inform and educate tenants about their rights, to improve the status and conditions of tenants and to represent and speak for the collective interests of tenants in law and policy making. The Tenants Union of Victoria provides advice, assistance and advocacy for tenants of private and public residential properties and residents of rooming houses and caravan parks in Victoria, Australia.

55 Johnston Street
Fitzroy 3065

Call (03) 9416 2577 (advice) (External link)

Victorian Small Business Commissioner (VBSC)

The Office of the Victorian Small Business Commissioner is the first port of call for independent guidance on commercial disputes, either business-to-business or business-to-government. It also provides quick, effective, neutral and low cost mediation services - so you can get on with the job of running your business.

Call 13VBSC (138722) or email (External link) (External link)

Legal Information 

Law Handbook Online

The Victorian Law Handbook is a practical online guide to the law in Victoria. (External link)

Victoria Law Foundation

Victoria Law Foundation is a not-for-profit, independent statutory body that helps Victorians understand the legal system and the law. The Foundation publishes a variety of free publications to help you resolve common disputes, including "Neighbours, the law and you", "Working it out" and "Dogs, cats, neighbours and you".

Call: (03) 9604 8100 (External link)

Neighbours, the law and you

This free guide covers how to deal with everyday problems with neighbours, from barking dogs and noise to fences and trees. It answers legal questions about noise control, building a fence and pollution in your neighbourhood. (External link)

Everyday Law

Everyday Law provides easy-to-understand legal information in one spot. It is a good place to start to solve your legal problem and find free or low-cost legal advice in Victoria. (External link)

Not-for-profit Law Information Hub

Not-for-profit Law provides a comprehensive range of legal information resources for not-for-profit community organisations on issues including disputes and conflict, mediation and managing employees. These free resources are available on the Not-for-profit Law Information Hub at (External link)

Mediation Services

Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (IAMA)

The Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia is the nation's largest, independent arbitration and mediation service.

Call (03) 9607 6908 (External link)

LEADR - Association of Dispute Resolvers

LEADR is an Australasian, not-for-profit organisation that promotes and facilitates the use of dispute resolution processes including mediation.

Call (02) 9251 3366 or 1800 651 650 (External link)

Victorian Bar

The Victorian Bar is a private, voluntary, self-funded, non-profit professional association of barristers who practise in Victoria. The Victorian Bar is responsible for making the legal profession rules that govern barristers, processing applications for practising certificates and investigating complaints against barristers. The Victorian Bar also runs a mediation service.

Call: (03) 9225 7111 (External link)