About Us

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria (DSCV) is a free and confidential dispute resolution service. We provide telephone advice and assistance as well as mediation.

DSCV can help you resolve disputes about:

  • fences, trees, animals, noise and drainage
  • difficult or anti-social behaviour
  • workplace issues
  • committees, clubs or Incorporated Associations
  • matters referred to mediation by a Magistrate

DSCV does not deal with disputes under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) or involving family violence.



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Dispute advice

Trained and experienced DSCV staff will:

  • listen to your concerns
  • help you clarify your issues
  • answer your questions
  • work with you to provide options and strategies for resolving your dispute
  • refer you to other specialist services where needed


One of your options for resolving your dispute is to try mediation. When you call DSCV they may offer to contact the person you are in dispute with and invite them to participate in mediation with you. Mediation is confidential and participation is voluntary.

Trained and nationally accredited mediators conduct the mediation sessions.  The mediators work with you and the other party to help resolve your disputes.

Mediations are highly successful in resolving disputes, with 85 per cent of mediations at DSCV ending in agreements.


DSCV provides a free interpreting service.  When you ring DSCV, ask for an interpreter. They will then ring you back using a telephone interpreter.

You can also have an interpreter at the mediation. 

Contact us

DSCV has offices throughout Victoria. To contact your local office, call: 1300 372 888.