If a dispute cannot be resolved through discussions between you, the other party and DSCV, we also offer a free mediation service. Our Dispute Assessment Officers (DAOs) will explain this process to each party.

Mediation involves a meeting conducted by a trained and accredited mediator who is impartial. Mediations are confidential and participation is voluntary for all participants.

Mediations can usually be arranged within a fortnight, depending on availability of all parties. It will be at a location that is most convenient to all parties.

Currently mediations are held via phone or online.  Due to demand requirements, we have prioritised residential tenancy matters referred by VCAT.

Assessing suitability for mediation

When considering whether a dispute is suitable for mediation, we will assess if our services are the most appropriate for your situation.

If we believe that the DSCV services are not able to help you with your dispute we will refer you to a service that will be able to assist you.

How and when we can help

What happens in mediation

A mediation usually takes about two to three hours, although some disputes may take longer.

In the mediation session, the mediators will help you and the other party:

  • identify and explore the issues in dispute
  • develop options
  • consider alternatives
  • work together to reach an agreement
  • write down details of any agreement reached.

Our aim is to help you resolve any type of dispute by reaching a long-lasting agreement that is fair to everyone involved.

During the mediation all parties have the chance to meet privately with the mediators to discuss any issues and to consider possible options for resolution.

Benefits of mediation

Mediation is a fair and respectful process that is focused on achieving solutions everyone can live with.

The DSCV mediation process has many advantages, including that it is: 

  • free – provided at no cost by the Department of Government Services
  • empowering – with the ability to make your own decisions that reflect your personal circumstance
  • practical – future-focused, designed to be applied to your daily life
  • accessible – with a CBD location and 12 regional offices
  • informal – no application forms or expert knowledge needed
  • positive – building on existing relationships through a collaborative approach
  • flexible – we can work out times and places to suit all parties, and
  • confidential – nothing said during a mediation can be used in court.

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