If you require specific legal advice that is tailored to your issue, you will need to speak to a lawyer.  

It’s important to understand any laws, regulations or council local laws that might apply to your situation. This will help you in your discussions with your neighbour. There are different rules for different neighbourhood situations, however, it is useful to know that talking to the person you have an issue with will almost always need to occur. 

Check with your council for local laws

It’s worth checking with your local Council to find out whether there are any local laws or rules you have to comply with. If you’re not sure which council area you live in, use the Find Your Council (External link) search at the Department of Planning and Community Development website. However, it is important to understand that your local Council will rarely get involved in a dispute between neighbours - it is usually up to them to resolve it themselves.

Legal information

For information about your rights in relation to neighbourhood problems and a practical guide to the law in Victoria, visit the Law Handbook Online. (External link)

Legal advice

Victorial Legal Aid is a state-wide organisation that helps people with their legal problems. You can reach them by calling 1300 792 387 (External link) or visiting their website (External link).

The Federation of Community Legal Centres can be reached by calling (03) 9652 1500 (External link) or visiting their website (External link).

The Law Institute of Victoria's 'Find your lawyer' legal referral service can give you a free enquiry consultation. They can be reached by calling (03) 9607 9550 (External link) or visiting their website (External link).