This formal document sets out your proposal for construction or repair of a dividing fence or other works. You’ll need to fill out information about:

  • the line on which the works should be carried out (the boundary line)
  • the type of works
  • the contractor
  • a cost estimate
  • how much either of you should contribute.

You can hand the Fencing Notice to your neighbour personally but we recommend registered post, so you can show that you actually sent it and the day it was received.

Should I use a standard Fencing Notice or an Urgent Fencing Notice?

Almost always use a standard notice. Urgent fence notices are only used in the most extreme cases - where the fence has been destroyed by fire, flood or a fallen tree branch and requires immediate repair or replacement.

An Urgent Fencing Notice leaves much less room to negotiate with your neighbour and so you’re more likely to end up fighting it in court if your neighbour isn’t happy. 

For help filling out the notice or deciding which one to send, speak to one of our staff (External link).

Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria
Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria
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